Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Guns, guns, and cars.

On the animation front, I just finished a crunch week and can now implement a weekly plan that I...well planned. Anyway, each week I'll make an animation and blog about it 2 or 3 times. I've got new rigs to play with, and some cool ideas to try. This week is the start, a day late but shits been busy.

So! Over at Iridium studios we've been bustin our butts to get our vertical slice done. A vertical slice is similar to a demo, but demos sometimes make extraneous things that don't get in the final game. The vert slice is a level from the game that's playable early in it's (almost) finality. Anyway we've got in 3 characters and an enemy in the fifth level of the game. The voice commands are amazingly responsive and it's cool commanding your units without using the mouse and keyboard. The title mentions guns twice, the first gun is the weapon for the game. Which by the way, is freaking sweet. You can tell I meant that cause it was italicized and underlined. Anyway it's awesome, cause only the coolest games have their guns TRANSFORM. Yeah. Shit's tight. I shall be uploading a vid of one of it's transformations when I get to my work comp tomorrow. Currently now that we've finished work on the vert slice I'll be rigging up the gun properly.

The other guns would be the ones that you'll have to buy tickets for. *flex* I just started working out with my roommate, goodness I'm stupidly sore but man that sore feeling means it's working. Now to keep this up over time till the results kick in.

This post is taking forever mainly cause I'm watching the animaniacs while trying to write it.

Cars!! I shall be getting my first new(ish) a manual 2011 Honda CR-Z, with 30,000 miles. I'll be picking it up this week and then be cruising with my new ride. Can't wait!

That's it for today, I'm gonna go start some random animation. AWWW YEAH!!

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