Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Job prospects.

As of right now my resume and Demo Reel are being reviewed by Pendulum Studios for a Junior Producer position and Walt Disney Animation Studios for a character Animation position. I think it'd be pretty cool to learn how to be a producer and keep things organized, but I'd love to work at Disney and learn from them. Maybe even work on the next CG Disney movie to follow Tangled.

Also right now I'm working with Vex Studios on rigging and animating a character for their game pitch. If you want to check out the site it's http://www.jeklynnheights.com/  The game looks great, it's a mix between LoL, TF2, and the style of Tim Burton movies.

In personal news I completed Poseidon's walk cycle for steve about a week or so ago, he needed it to show the cloth dynamics on the skirt that Poseidon wears. I also shall be working on the new background with Poseidon in it, and just came up with a little short about it.

This year Nintendo plans to reveal their new home console and let the people at E3 play it, which is totally awesome; I hope they have some good games on it to play unlike the 3DS which has no good launch titles. I bring that up because I may be one of the people going to E3 this year, which would be AWESOME! I've had the opportunity to get into E3 since I was in HS but something always came up. This time, the only thing that would stop me from going is that I was accepted to Pendulum as the Junior Producer. So that's a win-win scenario for me. Unless the worst scenario plays out and I don't get either. Which would suck but I'm keeping my hopes up. So, here's the walk cycle I made for Steve, this is just a playblast I'll be getting the rendered/dynamic version of it when Steve finishes all that.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Current happenings.

I've been away for a while, sorry about that. Anyway, I took a flight to San Diego and I'm still here, sadly the job at Legend 3D didn't work out so I'm now looking for a basic retail job for income while still sending out my resume and demo reel to studios. With some hard work and searching for a cheap apartment I can get myself settled in California for good.

During the job search, I did get a reply back from Vex Studios to start working on Jeklynn Heights, which if I can get everything running smoothly (UDK, Maya 2011 w/plugins, and Windows) then I'll be good to go to get some experience working on a game.

I've also been asked by my friend from school Stephen Wong to do a walk cycle for his Poseidon rig to show off the sexy dynamics on Poseidon's toga thing. By the way, here's his website, http://setupwong.blogspot.com/ I almost have the walk done, the body is complete and now I'm just getting the timing right for his right arm which is holding the trident and kinda using it like a cane/staff. Also I'll be adding Poseidon to the blogs background for this coming week.