Friday, April 6, 2012

4 day weekend!!

No work for the next three days! Today was a great day off, I cleaned my room did all of the laundry and had a nice sleep in after my meeting at work. Once that was all done i knocked out a jump cycle for MWG and the beginnings of the ninth shot for the Sonic film. I need to practice my drawing, mainly the shading since that's what really sells it. Anyway I'm off to bed, night!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pushing on.

Bad news and good news. Bad news is that I was not hired at Trion, Mechanist, and Skyparlor. Good news is that they all liked my work, Trion was impressed with the work and look of the cycles that I made for them, Skyparlor liked my style, and I was a strong candidate for Mechanist Games. The problems were that Trion was only hiring a senior animator, Skyparlor wanted more experience, and Mechanist went with someone local. Now the fact that they sent me an email back is a good thing, and that they liked the work tha I do is even better! So I thanked them all for their time and said to remember me if they needed anyone with my experience soon.

After that I went on resume sending spree and got a link on reddit about a company looking for people. So now I'm working with Mountain Wheel Games on their fame Stone Rage. Can't say much more than that, I'm under NDA. I'm still with Bluecore on the Sonic film, April is apparently the running month, and I'm working on the chase scene this month. Currently on shot 9 that I've worked on with them. Also, we're currently looking at a June release!

Other random news I got to teach in my friends class, it was pretty fun. I went over the basic principles, told them about what I've done and currently doing to get a job in the industry and what it takes to be an animator. I'll probably go back and teach another lecture, maybe even check out a teaching position there myself. Better pay, and I won't want to punch the people asking me questions cause they won't be as stupid as "How do I make a call on an iPhone?" "Does the phone have to lock when I put it in my purse?" So on and so forth. I'm grateful for my Sprint job but eager to get out of it into an animation job. That's why I'm spending more time working on animation at home than at the given hours at work. It's about 29/30ish hours at Sprint and 35-37 at home. It's the only thing I do at home now. I haven't even touched Mass Effect 3 in a week. Anyway, I'm out for now, I typed this all out at work on my phone if that shows how much free time I have on my hands. I actually spend as much time as I can drawing at work so I can practice. I'll see if I can upload pics of my drawings to this post. Mike fun