Monday, April 7, 2014

4 Months!

Have passes since I've posted last. What things have happened since then you ask? (Ok, done rhyming) To keep things short and simple here's a list! (not in any order mind you)

  • Went to GDC
  • Started and finished my animation class
  • Iridium is developing TCAE to work with Intels Perceptual Computing
  • Because of that we got a bit of a bump in funding to help the game along
  • Bought a T-Rex rig, and it's fun
  • Moving in with my college friend Rob in May
Now that class is over I'll be taking what I learned and practicing it until the next class I can take which will be after the game launches. Till then I'll post what I worked in in the last couple months up here and start daily animations to put up here as well! (I may have posted this before but I think we all know how bad I am at starting a blog habit.)

Thanks for sticking with me!