Monday, November 18, 2013

Lemme find that aloe..

So I burnt (burned?) myself out recently, working on that animation and the schedule I was trying to keep. I think I'll build up slowly over time..

I recently found Animation Island, which seems to have a good amount of the things I need to grow. They have a list of 50 or 51 things to practice. Off to check some stuff out and start working. Sorry for the wait! And thanks for checking back in. :D

Monday, November 4, 2013


So during this week I got some good reference, ripped it apart, understood some of it and added it to my animation. The hits are more impactful, but the whole thing seems too fast. I rendered it out with motion blur and put it up on Youtube but for some reason it downrezzed it from 1080 to 240. When I get home later on tonight I'll get it set up right and put the link up here.

Edit: Here's the link!

For those who read the blog, constructive criticism is always appreciative. D: