Monday, August 22, 2011

So it's the middle of August.

I told you that I was bad with keeping things like this updated. Well, obviously a lot has happened. On the animation front I no longer am working with Vex Studios. Which is sad but alright cause it turned into more of fixing the rig and getting it to work in UDK instead of actually animating. I also got to work on the Halo Helljumper fan film till our VFX film got swapped for another. So while I'm swamped with dayjob hours I'll be working on a my own stuff until I have time for a proper freelance gig.

On the boring job front I work at Sprint. It's retail, it's not that bad actually. I have an awesome new phone and I pay like $18 total for everything. The only thing is that I have a buttload of hours cause the training schedule was overlayed on top of my hours that were already there.

About videogames, I'm still broke to buy any... I did get to go to E3 though!! It was amazing, the Nintendo conference was freaking sweet and I played the hell out of the 3DS games on the floor. Dragons Dogma looks sick as hell. I love Monster Hunter and Dragons Dogma looks like a medieval version of it with mystical creatures instead of crazy new monsters. I love both games, maybe I just like killin stuff. The PSP Vita is pretty crazy, I hope that it and the 3DS have strong game line-ups justifying the purchase of those expensive systems. So many other games and stuff I can't even remember it all right now.

Another wallpaper later when I get some more time. Peace!