Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crunch time!

     The end of this past week was my first full week at Trendy Entertainment. I've now worked a week and half and happen to come in at crunch time. I'm actually quite glad that I came in at crunch time, to get a feel for how much and how long I'll be working when we're down to the wire. Within this last week and a half I worked on a full characters animation set (one that the players have been waiting to see) and a familiar which is a little pet that helps out. I got to see what my animations look like in game, and the director was very pleased with the work I did for the characters. They normally give the animator a week to make a whole animation set for a character (about 30-40 animations) I had a good 95ish% of it animated by day 3 (which was Fri. Mon and Tue I was fixing up some issues on other characters) So when day 4 (Sat) rolled about, I knocked out the last couple cycles, and made some fixes so it all worked well and nice ingame. This coming week, I get to work on a cutscene! Oh, it'll be funn. My animation goal is to work for movies, but since I still love games so much I want to work at a game studio. So the plan is to make cycles but move to cinematics ASAP since this is a small studio I'll be doing both and getting that experience for both. It's so nice to be able to almost always be thinking about animation now, it really bummed me out when I had to go to Sprint and talk about phone plans, and accessories. It all distracted me from observing, and understanding animation everyday. Now, it can be done, it's just harder when the majority of my time is forced to think about things that aren't relevant. Now that I'm animating all day, I have those glasses on and I'm seeing the world as it moves and I'm making mental notes. Anyway, back to my lazy Sunday off. Huzzah for set schedule jobs and free weekends!!