Monday, March 21, 2011

Whoo plane trip!

So, in two weeks from tomorrow I'll be on a plane to California. My search is for an entry level position or paid internship at a studio, I've also been looking at 3D studios for a stereoscopic position since they're so prominent with the 3D movie boom. I also have two smaller companies who need some animation work that I can do on the side at home while not looking for a full time position. Hopefully with some luck and long hours animating I can be established with my own apartment and job within 2-3 months time.

Even if I have a job that doesn't involve animation I'll still be working on my own stuff, I'm actually starting Pre-pro for new Demo Reel Assets, I don't find my dialogue to be up to par with the rest of my work. I have the idea to plan out a new dialogue asset, then to practice on the Stop Staring book and tutorials. Once I get through the books practice I'll revise the asset if needed and then use what I learned from the book to make the new asset.

Another way I practice my animation and have fun with it is I make wallpapers for myself. Back in the finals department at Full Sail I had this wallpaper to motivate myself to keep working.
Since then I've used some of the poses from the Roboter Pose tests, and today I made this new one (which I really like). I prefer to feel that Goon is thinking to himself "I've got this weird feeling that something is behind me..."
That's the B-boy rig behind Goon, a bit of an ominous introduction I think. I think I just got a new idea for the Blogs background which I have to update. Anyway thanks for checking this out, hope you like what you see.

Monday, March 14, 2011

2nd Week of April

Here's the second background for my blog. I had a crazy idea over this past weekend, to give both of them a pet. Goon would get a Great Dane and Roboter would get a quadruped sphere-bot, not only that but I may have found a new character to add to these two. Originally it was supposed to be just a background for my blog but now I'm thinking about doing a little practice with three characters to train giving the characters I use a personality that's distinguishable. I think I'd like to start making a short per week with each of the characters individually to figure out who they are. Then introduce them to each other and have fun with it. Maybe even later have hijinks with all of them and their pets. Also when I update the background I'll post what the blog was before and after, for people who are catching up.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Busy, but awesome.

So I went and customized the blog a bit. The idea for the background is cool but I don't like the characters being cut off, so I'll be making some new character poses to fix that. I plan on changing the background for the blog every week, as an extra incentive to make new poses.  Also, does anyone know how to make the picture flush with the edges of the screen? 

On the topic of jobs I'll be flying out to California at the end of this month/early April to take a screening and have an interview with Legend 3D. Hopefully I'll do alright and get this job to acquire the necessary experience for another job.

In practicing Animation I've actually been slacking for the last 4 days and have just been hanging out. My current project is the Roboter rig going into a handstand, shifts his weight to stand on one hand, then tucks and rolls to a pose. After that I plan on working with a face to practice dialogue.

Right now I'm pretty swamped, I have the month of March to hang out with all my friends, get my possessions in order and tucked away, and keep practicing animation. I'm making sure that I don't ever stop animating. If I'm not hanging out with my friends or working, I'll be animating.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Late night Blog making.

I was talking to my friend DJ, who's also an animator and he advised I should get a blog. So here it is, in all of it's basic glory. The customizing shall be done tomorrow after some rest, as I plan on making a specific background with some of the rigs I use. Luckily the point in time that this blog is unadorned will coincide with the time that no one knows of this blog (except for DJ). I'll also put up a nice long post of my newborn animation career and current activities/jobs. G'night.