Monday, December 2, 2013

Late nights!

So last night I stayed up till about 4 am, working on the two ball bounces I was talking about in yesterdays post. They look ok, but the bounce on the second one looks a bit off to me.. In any case I shall upload them here and continue working on the list of 51 animation exercises.

Practice time!

So this past week was Thanksgiving, my awesome mom came to visit from Sat-Friday and i wanted to hang with my mom so my animation practice was put on hold. I did get to bust out a few poses with Stewart (a free rig from AnimationMentor) and a toy Trex from Creative Crash. I've got a lot of practice to go with camera angles and pushing poses. I'll be honest, lately I've been feeling that "afraid to fail/practice" feeling. Which I just have to push through and keep practicing anyway. Aside from these I'm starting the 51 animation practices that are on First is the non decaying ball bounce, once the mechanics are hammered out I'll make others with specific emotions. Happy, sad, etc.