Monday, March 21, 2011

Whoo plane trip!

So, in two weeks from tomorrow I'll be on a plane to California. My search is for an entry level position or paid internship at a studio, I've also been looking at 3D studios for a stereoscopic position since they're so prominent with the 3D movie boom. I also have two smaller companies who need some animation work that I can do on the side at home while not looking for a full time position. Hopefully with some luck and long hours animating I can be established with my own apartment and job within 2-3 months time.

Even if I have a job that doesn't involve animation I'll still be working on my own stuff, I'm actually starting Pre-pro for new Demo Reel Assets, I don't find my dialogue to be up to par with the rest of my work. I have the idea to plan out a new dialogue asset, then to practice on the Stop Staring book and tutorials. Once I get through the books practice I'll revise the asset if needed and then use what I learned from the book to make the new asset.

Another way I practice my animation and have fun with it is I make wallpapers for myself. Back in the finals department at Full Sail I had this wallpaper to motivate myself to keep working.
Since then I've used some of the poses from the Roboter Pose tests, and today I made this new one (which I really like). I prefer to feel that Goon is thinking to himself "I've got this weird feeling that something is behind me..."
That's the B-boy rig behind Goon, a bit of an ominous introduction I think. I think I just got a new idea for the Blogs background which I have to update. Anyway thanks for checking this out, hope you like what you see.

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