Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Current happenings.

I've been away for a while, sorry about that. Anyway, I took a flight to San Diego and I'm still here, sadly the job at Legend 3D didn't work out so I'm now looking for a basic retail job for income while still sending out my resume and demo reel to studios. With some hard work and searching for a cheap apartment I can get myself settled in California for good.

During the job search, I did get a reply back from Vex Studios to start working on Jeklynn Heights, which if I can get everything running smoothly (UDK, Maya 2011 w/plugins, and Windows) then I'll be good to go to get some experience working on a game.

I've also been asked by my friend from school Stephen Wong to do a walk cycle for his Poseidon rig to show off the sexy dynamics on Poseidon's toga thing. By the way, here's his website, I almost have the walk done, the body is complete and now I'm just getting the timing right for his right arm which is holding the trident and kinda using it like a cane/staff. Also I'll be adding Poseidon to the blogs background for this coming week.

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