Sunday, October 6, 2013


Alright! In a weekend sprint while battling the urge to play the Wind Waker remake I finished a quick animation to adhere to the schedule I set for myself.

So this animation is just a quick sideroll as the title mentioned, I did a forward roll a bit ago with a rig from my past studio but since it belongs to that company I decided not to put that one up online (mainly cause I altered him a bit by giving him a different weapon.)

I hope this video works, sometimes blogger doesn't like my playblasts. (It may be the QT format..) Anyway, I also have the gun transformation for you to check out! This is the transformation from the base gun to the sniper, it has 4 other forms although I think this one is the coolest out of them (it's the most intricate of them so far.)

Also, I got my car! It's a sexy little thing, 2011 Honda CR-Z. Also it's a manual, which I'm learning. Alright that's it for this week that's ending. I'm gonna go practice driving stick, play some Zelda, and plan this coming weeks animation. I may even make another post today. (Two in one day!? Whaaaat!?)

Aight, keep it loose.


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