Monday, October 7, 2013

A new week, and a new animation!

Hey again! Before I start off on this weeks animation, I want to address the quality of video I posted on my last post. It seems that Blogger went and didn't put an HD version. I think I'll have to put these up on Youtube and link them to get the better quality video.

So this week I'm doing a more in depth animation, it'll be a couple punches/kicks, maybe to be added to later, who knows. The two characters in this scene are Ultimate Bony and Ultimate Beefy. Similar to Norman in the fact that they're segmented but not, cause they don't have faces.

Anyway, the current plan is to have the larger character checking his gun, and have the thin character drop down into the shot, sweep kick, jumping knee to the midsection followed by a back kick. If the timing doesn't allow for the knee then the sweeping kick followed by the back kick. I think I'll start storyboarding things out so I get some practice with that, and to better explain what I aim to do.

To things!

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