Friday, October 18, 2013

Is Pokemon interrupting life or is life interrupting Pokemon?

So, I didn't finish my animation last week. I did mention that this one was a bit more intense and would need more time. I have not yet taken that time to do so. Pokemon came out...4 badges ago and it's been hard to pull myself away from it. I did get back to my file tonight and I'm organizing the timing to make it feel right. Zhen (my roommate with whom I workout with) suggested to have Beefy bounce and then get hit by the knee. It looks a lot better with the bounce, but now I'm at the tough part of filling in the bits in between the keys. I prefer to use straight forward animation so I get a bit lost once the keys poses are set.

One of my biggest hangups as an artist is not knowing how to make what I see in my head. I choke up and stop working on whatever it is I'm working on. This is the main reason I'm not as proficient at my drawing as I should be. This sometimes carries over to my animations and they get delayed, at work I have no choice and I just keep working on it till I figure it out.

So I gotta take that approach with my animations at home, quit being a little bitch when it doesn't look how I want it and figure shit out.

On a bit more of a positive note I was able to download "Stewart" one of the rigs that Animation Mentor uses. I quite like the proportions on the character, ALSO he's not segmented like Norman or Ultimate Beefy/Bony. I definitely have some plans for that rig, some with the gun that I rigged up for TCAE. Anyway, updates to come over the weekend when I plan to finish the rest of this scene and start a new one!

Thanks for reading.

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