Friday, October 11, 2013

Mid-animation post

Hey there! Glad you came back to check how the animation is going. The time I have to work on this during the week isn't is as much as I'd like but I'm doing stuff. Maybe my productivity would go up with Netflix off...Anyway I'm laying out the animation in stepped still, getting poses to look nice, and finding the motion that I want the characters to go through. Motion-wise it's looking ok but I haven't really messed with the timing too much, and that's obviously the biggest factor.

I need to push my poses more but can't seem to see where they should go, and the timing is really baffling me. I think for the interest of learning through mistakes I should power through it and find out what I did wrong and fix the mistakes on the next animation which will be the big characters retaliation.

So I'm posting the playblast, yes the timings off, and I need to finish the bug guys bounce to a stop. and probably put the skinny guy in a better end pose but it's getting somewhere. If you have any constructive criticism on posing or maybe a preemptive tip on timing that'd be great. Saying "X is too fast" doesn't help me now cause I didn't put in the timing yet. (It seems silly to say this but so many times have I said "I haven't touched this part yet, look at that part." gets ignored.) Anyway posting and bed. NIGHT!

P.S. Still haven't done anything with getting a better video quality. Will test over weekend. 

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