Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My word, this half of the country is gorgeous!

     So, I'm from Long Island NY, and South Florida, which means I'm accustomed to the world being very flat. Now that I'm in California (living in the Valley) where I live is flat but I am surrounded by MOUNTAINS! Mountains to the North, mountains to the South, it's all so pretty. Today is the second Tuesday of my employment of Iridium Studios and I am having a BLAST. In n Out for lunch? Just happened, delicious. The weather is much better now that it's not humid like Florida is and Burbank is FILLED with people in my industry! It surely is what I wished for when wanting to move here.

    Currently I'm learning Unity, finding out all the small little details of importing rigs and animations to get everything working. Once that's done I just have to wait for all the finished character models, rig em up and get to animating! Once I'm completely settled in (around early September, move into the new apt on Aug. 1) I can start saving up money for my iAnimate classes! I can't wait to get some more hands on experience with an experienced animator showing me how to improve my work and workflow. Until then I'm also working on a side project for the new short by Winck Studios, gotta get that cinematic animation muscle flexing. Anywho, that's the haps. If anything new happens I'll get to posting! I'll also be posting work from TCAE, cause it'll mostly be cycle. Also here's an attempt to upload a video of a dodge roll!

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