Monday, June 24, 2013

GREAT NE...Oh wait..I already made that title.

Hey there! Some large large things have happened since the last post. I have left Trendy Entertainment as an animator and joined the growing ranks of  Iridium Studios. I'll be working on their new title, There Came an Echo. Unlike Dungeon Defenders this game will be in the sci fi category instead of fantasy. For those who haven't seen here's a link to the video LINK!

If you're curious of my reasoning of leaving Trendy, it's because I was offered a position with great potential and opportunities. The west coast of this continent is where most of the movies and game studios are located so I chose to place myself in the thick of it. I wish Trendy the best of luck with the rest of Dungeon Defenders PVP and Co Op and can't wait to play the finished product.

Demo Reel time! I've been working on a revision of the Demo Reel I'm posting now but can't show you since I have a character that hasn't been revealed yet, and I'm still under NDA. The current reel was put together in two days, and needed some extra lovin so I made a revision (which like I said, can't show yet..) So you'll have to deal with this one for now.

In the first week of July I'll be moving to the Burbank area, starting on There Came an Echo, and saving up money to get classes at iAnimate! Once I start taking those you'll see some real improvement! (If I showed you current work, which I'm kinda lax on sadly..) Blogging and Tweeting are hard habits for me to get into. :-/

Shit. The video won't upload, gotta do it through another site. Gimme a bit.

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