Thursday, June 14, 2012

First Studio Job!!!!

It finally happened, I got a studio job!!! I received a call from Trendy Entertainment on Friday June 1st,  saying that they like my work and wanted me to check out the studio up in Gainesville. So I took the drive up, met with the Director and Producer of the studio weighed it against the other studio job that is up in NJ and chose Trendy! My first day of work is June 20th, and I move up on the 19th. Other amazing things that have happened within the last couple days are that two of my close friends from school also got their first studio positions at DD in LA, and another friend just had a baby! It's a pretty amazing week I'll say.

The Pokemon project chugs along, I still can't do anything till the characters are rigged, and hopefully that'll be soon. We've got some nice concept art and I wrote out a ton for the choreography and even a prequel if we ever get to them. It's a bit tough trying to get a lot of people who are doing this on their free time to stay committed especially when they have day jobs to do and a studio job to find. I see that if something gets posted that contributes to the continuation of the project and it gets everyone pumped then they get a little boost to keep working on their part of the project. So I've been busting out some previs shots for the fight, two so far I've been a bit busy myself which is why I understand where everyone is coming from. I'll get some more done and the riggers will be working on the rigs so the animators can start doing tests. I can't wait to start playing with those rigs.

Now I'm off to my second to last day of work at Sprint, and then more packing when I get home!

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