Saturday, June 2, 2012

Finally some great news!!

So to keep this short a friend of mine recommended me for an amazing job up in New Jersey which I applied for and did an art test which I feel I did quite well on. I received a call yesterday from a different studio that I sent my portfolio to back in March. They like my work and want me to work for them! I'll be checking out the studio sometime this coming week (since I won't be going to E3 sadly.) Now I have a choice, and I'm just stupidly excited that it's between two different studios instead of two different retail jobs.

In other news the Pokemon Project is still chugging along, the Marowak is modeled and waiting to be rigged, the Donphan is waiting to be rigged and we're figuring out the env modeling. I need a little project so I may make a fun cycle for kicks.

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