Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm pretty sure that I put some blogs up on my phone but I guess they didn't make it on here...

Well since the last post in September a lot has happened, instead of droning on I'll list it.

  • I'm still at Sprint but not for long. 
  • I put my Demo Reel up in it's own tab with work I've recently done.
  • I made my business cards that have a QR code that leads to my Demo Reel tab.
  • I've been working on the Sonic fanfilm and doing quite well.
  • I've completed 6 shots, and I am now on shots 7 and 8.
  • I started a side project with some friends from school, it's a short about Pokemon, a fight between a Marowak and a Donphan.
  • I haven't heard anything much from David and the Orlando studio.
  • DD is hiring and I've put in my resume and demo reel to see if I can get a job in their new studio up in Port Saint Lucie.
  • I went to GDC.
  • I found 7 companies who expressed interest in hiring me.
  • I've got an interview on Tuesday night with a company in China.
  • 3 of the studios that needed me are freelance (hence why I won't be at Sprint for long.
  • I met a lot of awesome people at the Trion Worlds party at GDC and currently making some cycles to show them what I can do.
  • I've been practicing my illustration.
  • I've been holding off on playing ME3 till I finish the cycles for Trion.
  • I'm single again.
  • I met some cute girls at GDC.

So that's what's been going on with me, right now my main goal is to finish these cycles to impress Trion and go to their open house which is soon. I still need to email A LOT of people that I met at GDC and follow up with the companies that need freelance work. Since I'm working on cycles with Goon and the Robot with guns I'll be making some wallpapers and new backgrounds for my blog. If anything interesting happens it'll be up here!

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