Monday, March 19, 2012

Deadlines and Cycles

      So I've started setting deadlines for myself to keep moving forward and not get stuck getting distracted. Todays deadline is to have the shotgun cycle finished by the time I go to bed and have started fixing the female walk cycle/adding details to the Pistol cycle. Tomorrow will be to start and hopefully finish the sniper cycle and have enough time to complete the assault rifle cycle by Thursday. Thursday is the main deadline for all the cycles I've been working on since I've gotten back to GDC. Overall the goal was to finish 5 cycles in about a week and a half.

I also need to put these cycles up on the demo reel page/my website and then start planning an adjustment to my demo reel to add these cycles in it. The Poseidon walk cycle, the female walk cycle, the robot run cycle, and one or two of the gun cycles. That should make my Demo Reel now over a minute long, woo hoo!!

This one is self explanitory, start of the cycle behind cover.
 Obviously he's out shooting now, I must say I got the spin to be nice and fluid and remembered to have his different appendages show up where they needed to be at different times so it doesn't look snapped. I do need to turn down his reflections and add a point light to give the muzzle flash off on the surrounding Geo. Should I make the muzzle flash image bigger though...

Well, back to work I've only got about 13 hours before I have to sleep so I'd better make the best of it!


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